Sep 22, 2017

It brings back memories

I started my 'career' in the photo business with the biggest foreign press agency in the Netherlands, ABC Press. We represented a lot of agency's, for example Life, Sygma, Camera Press, Magnum. Physical archives, not online yet. Can you imagine arriving at work ... there was already a package from the courier from Paris containing physical photo's, big, with the most horrible pictures from wars and disasters. Often the photographers need to smuggle the films out of the country they were in. A lot of photo's were so graphic that they were never published. Some of the war photo's are still etched in my memory.

Good article 'Who is the enemy here' about the war in Vietnam. Read it here.

I dare you

Checking newsletters and found this. My WTF moment of the day. Already 72 sold.

One-size fits all?!


Sep 20, 2017

You're never too old to drive a motorcycle

According to this Taiwanese commercial. Sweet!

Air-free tires ... a good idea ... but it's fugly

Tokyo-based tire company Bridgestone wants to make flats a thing of the past with air-free tires. I love the idea but the tires look fugly. For me this is a dilemma between practical and design. I guess, including the fact I'm living in Amsterdam, the practical will win ... unfortunately.