Sep 15, 2008


I myself work on an Imac, the most sexy computer at the moment.
A lot of my friends who work on a pc are complaining about Windows Vista. They even go to buy a new computer and ask if it's possible to buy the computer with Windows XP on it. No, not possible anymore.
Why don't everybody use Kubuntu? Linux based. And more important, it works.

My brother wanted to buy the small Asus laptop, in a shop he asked the sales person to get it with Windows XP, and ofcourse this wasn't possible. He could get the same laptop cheaper though, with Linux on it.
My brother was totally stressed out by Vista so he bought the one with the Linux system, a bit afraid because he's a total nitwit with computers. He called me very enthousiastically, telling me one thing: 'Sylvana, it works!!!!!!'

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